Saturday, October 22, 2011

optometrists are optimists.

i wore my fake (but quite cute) glasses to a training seminar this past thursday evening.

here's where it gets weird. i pre-decided that i was going to be far-sighted and faithfully pulled my glasses on to read the handouts and to take notes. sometimes i decide to be near-sighted. other times i decided that i am a typical glasses wearer and keep them on at all times.

seriously. who does that?!

Monday, October 10, 2011

20% more free

why is it that the conditioner bottle i have has 20% more product than my shampoo?

i've come to a conclusion - it's for people who were hardwired as i am. observe the dilemma:
i am coming to the end of my shampoo bottle but still have about 30% more conditioner left. i don't want to be wasteful, but i also have a really hard time using one brand or even specific kind of shampoo without it's nicely matching conditioner counterpart. what they want you to do is to then go out and buy shampoo thus making you a customer for life.

but i have fooled them.

i just keep the 30% left of conditioner and use it as shaving cream. either that or they just sit in my shower cluttering the sides ridiculously.

Monday, August 22, 2011

dancing in the park.

so my boyfriend planned out an amazing 3 days in chicago for us before we went up to wisconsin for a wedding  i was to be in.

one of the oh-so-fun plans he had for us was to spend an evening taking a dance lesson in the park.

my interpretation: waltzing under the stars with other couples wearing 50s style outfits.
reality: the funniest belly dancing lesson i've ever witnessed. the only one, too, incidentally!

what a  wonderful evening!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

salinger's wikipedia trail

from franny & zooey to salinger to his 18 year old mistress' writings in 17 magazine (j.d. was 53 at the time). how interesting it is to have such information at our fingertips. this is just the conclusion of the article, but it's quite interesting if you have a bit of free time (
"Now my goal is simpler. I want to be happy. And I want comfort--nice clothes, a nice house, good music and good food, and the feeling that I'm doing some little thing that matters. I'll vote and I'll give to charity, but I won't give myself. I feel a sudden desire to buy land--not a lot, not as a business investment, but just a small plot of earth so that whatever they do to the country I'll have a place where I can go--a kind of fallout shelter, I guess. As some people prepare for their old age, so I prepare for my 20's. A little house, a comfortable chair, peace and quiet--retirement sounds tempting" - Joyce Maynard 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the m's.

i was aghast.
i had just finished our book club book of 500+ pages in 2 sittings.
i rushed to half price books to pick the second & third in the trilogy.
i had in mind that the author's last name was myers.
as i arrived slightly out of breath at the "m's" in the young adult fiction section, the only book series i saw were a little series called twilight.
oh! the agony. what to do?
since i didn't see the hunger games anyways, i slowly walked out. dejected. ashamed of myself.
then i accidentally drove straight to book people.
i found myself walking expectantly towards the "m's" but still couldn't find what i knew i shouldn't have.

an employee at book people asked if he could help me with anything. i sheepishly said i was looking for the hunger games by stephanie myers. he relieved my agony and said that the series was actually written by suzanne collins and that it was quite popular among more well read patrons of the store.

then i paid $19.95 for a book for the first time in my life.
i justified it by buying the third in the trilogy online with an gift card.

the end.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

coldplay songs.

from where i'm sitting on my fantastic orange chair i can see 4 clocks. 
of the 4, 2 don't work. 

is that weird?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

IKEA. the store.

so jonathan and i decided to head up to IKEA to get some stuff to organize his room and to get me a $4 lamp to take better pictures for my other blog. it went a little something like this...